You need a solar oven. You take  cactus fruits, and  you put the whole  fruits in the mixer, yes with spines, they get filtered. Do not mix too  much, you do not want to break the seeds. Then you filters the juice in a  vegetable mill of 1mm. Then you put 1,5 cm deep of juice in a tray, and  put it in the solar oven. After one day in the sun, you get honey (just  in one direction). After two days you get a wonderful sweet cactus  fruit leather. It is amazingly good, and great to bring in travels and  keep for winter. But, if you make the nice mistake of leaving it 3 days  in the solar oven, it get all caramelized and black. If you crunch this  in the mortar, it is wonderful coffee nicely roasted at low heat, not  like industrial coffees that they roast at higher heat and develop  carcinogenic compounds. It makes a very black coffee, really amazing,  but it does not have caffeine, there are other coffees that have  caffeine virtues, like the one from juniper.