We do not bring toxic products, we do not bring anything in Can Decreix we would not be able to reuse.

Then the first thing is to reuse, we rinse on the spot glass wine bottles, juice bottles and store them before refill. We reuse clothing after cleaning them on the pedal washing machine and put them well folded in the free shop. We reuse all the jar of the 63cm or 82cm diameter (all the others go to recycling) - we need a certain standardisation! If ever we break glass or plates we reuse them as construction material. We repair as much as we can. we have a special reusable box.

The second thing is to compost, we compost everything compostable and non toxic: papers unglazed, dirty towels, cotton, blood from menstruation, orange peels, onion peels, any vegetable or fruit that we cannot use for cooking or juicing, grass etc. So please no plastics or toxics here. We also put the tea pots. The water full of organic matters does not go in the sink, it goes to compost. The first things before putting the rests in the composter is to water the plants with the water mixed with compostable items, flies would love the excess of humidity, and we want to avoid that, and the plants love this rich water with fertilizing properties:)

The third thing is recycling: we send back some things to the recycling system of the municipality, mainly things brought from outside that we send back. All packaging and papers are mixed in the yellow container for recycling: metals, plastics, including bags, all papers. The glass is collected separately: jars which are not size 63/82, beer bottles. Also clothing is collected separately in special containers, but all the cotton is used for cleaning and is composted.

The last thing is the rest, we have almost no rest: except may bits of rubber, tape with paper attached

And the last last thing is what we really would like to avoid: toxic waste, that we bring in special places, it includes batteries (we prefer rechargeable), electronic products, lamps, white spirit, any chemical. But as we said do not bring those here please.