We want to irrigate with greywater, but we do not want to pollute, for this we cannot use strong  detergent which would affect the soil and the fertility (sodium soap itself is a problem without talking of all additives, being industrial bio soap does not help much), so we are very preventive and eat everything in our plates that we can simply clean with hot water (from solar panels or rocket stoves). Or we use little soap and only soaps made of plants and ash (black soap is made from ashes, or we use directly ash but only outside as it can clog tubes). But the dramatic reality is that soap avoidance with hot water, or the non polluting soaps cannot deal with very greasy plates with food that is fried for instance, unless everybody does Chabrot, that we enjoy the tasteful cleaning, and  licking with great can decreix wine!! so the solution is that we wipe as  much as possible all the greases with papers that we compost, or best  that we do chabrot, but that we also prevent frying, which anyway is  unhealthy as greases fume at the high temperature of the gas burning  which creates carcinogenic compounds. It is not a problem with solar  ovens (as temperature are lower, and we do not need to oil), or  obviously with raw salads (the oil is mixed to vinegar which makes it  even easier to clean). The idea of Can Decreix is to change our habits,  so it is good occasion!!!

How do we organise the washing?

1- we avoid cooking oil

2- we do not degrease pans and cast iron saucepans, it would also destroy their anti-sticking properties

3- we eat all the food in the plates

4- we wipe with bread/paper or lick our plates sometimes with wine (chabrot - the old time technique to taste better wine and degrease in the same time)

5- we do not prewash by mixing (or worse soaking) greasy things with clean ones in the same water!

6- we use hot water (from the solar panels)

7- we use plant soaps and ash with moderation

8- we also use vinegar (so we have 3 batches max: one with plants soap, one with vinegar, one with hotwater)

9- we do not mix the greywater with blackwaters from the toilets as we have compost toilets and thus we have no blackwaters

10- the greywater water can be used directly for irrigation without harming the plants - no need of sewage treatment plants, large network of tubes etc.!!!